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Recent content by james juang

  1. J

    Does IC design houses contribute significant IP or advise for advanced packaging?

    For the development of a new process, it requires close cooperation between process and design teams. Process engineers can only do that much. The last mile in tuning the yield must come from the inputs of a very experienced design team. It is not entirely accurate to say Samsung vs TSMC in...
  2. J

    What Are The Odds That Meteor Lake CPU Tile Will Be Fabricated By TSMC?

    My understanding is that Meteor Lake is Intel’s first attempt to put many different tiles (CPUs, GPUs, memory,..) together, and to challenge other HPC competitors in a meaningful way. It is a new ball game even for Intel. Many things including process, packaging, testing, software driver, and...
  3. J

    TSMC to build new fab in Kaohsiung Taiwan

    The recent story of TSMC 28nm (or legacy nodes) is actually quite entertaining. Prior to covid, TSMC charges about 10-20% higher than its peers. For a long time, 28nm’s utilization rate was not impressive. As I recall, the TSMC chair once said the world had enough 28 nm Fabs. Then chip shortage...
  4. J

    What are the historical and probable future node yields from Intel, Samsung, and TSMC?

    Glad I can help. Indeed, it is very significant to learn the defect density of each company’s processes. If you find something conclusive, please share it with us.
  5. J

    What are the historical and probable future node yields from Intel, Samsung, and TSMC?

    Yield is a combo of design and process. In the design end, die size, corner simulation, and testing criterium will all change the yield dramatically. This is why the foundry cannot promise the yield for its customers. In some recent reports, Snapdragon 4 Gen 8 yields at 35%, and, at the same...
  6. J

    TSMC MEGA Factory North Phoenix Video 5

    As I see it, the US is hiring TSMC to build a military-grade 5nm process line in AZ so that the US has an unquestionable lead over Russia/China in digital aerospace/military ICs for the next 20 years. The military-grade process is much harder than the auto-grade process at the same node. TSMC...
  7. J

    Taiwan chipmakers hint at decoupling from the US

    From that interesting news, “Four Taiwanese trade groups and three nonprofit organizations representing the whole of Taiwan’s high-tech industry signed the deal.” No government? No TSMC? No UMC? No MKT? And, they represent the whole of Taiwan’s high-tech industry? Must be joking. I am curious...
  8. J

    TSMC Q3 2021 Discussion

    Another important announcement is to build a 22-28nm fab in Japan. It is interesting to know that Japan is willing to take a “half-node” approach (the best Japan’s logic fab is 40 nm) and to pay 50% upfront (~3.5 Billion USD). The caveat is that the chips should supply Japan’s internal use...
  9. J

    Intel boxed out Apple and AMD?

    The whole report is pretty much summarized again in that graph. If we look at the issue from the CPU design team’s point of view, they are handicapped by the incompetence of the process division. We know the problem is “staying away from EUV for too long”. Now, with 3nm at their disposal, they...
  10. J

    Intel boxed out Apple and AMD?

    That UDN report said nothing about “box out ….”. We all know that is not how it works in the foundry business. There is nothing new about Intel’s 3nm order however that report did fill in more detail about the order. It said Intel has completed 3 CPUs and 1 GPU engineering runs in TSMC Fab 12...
  11. J

    AMD, Nvidia and TSM to lead Intel?

    Nvidia is the most powerful company in AI/ML. What is what Nvidia has done but not by Intel? Nvidia provides total solutions. From all I can see, AI training was done on Nvidia’s workstations. In Nvidia’s picture, GPU-CPU is just like big.LITTLE core: GPU handles all heavy computation, and CPU...
  12. J

    Gelsinger Can't Win, Ecosystems Must be Built, Morris Chang

    Functional block design. It filled in all the gaps between netlist and GDSII. ESD is a good example.
  13. J

    Intel is in Talks to Buy GlobalFoundries

    Got to give it a try if IDM 2.0 has anything meaningful. Size is the decisive factor in the mature-node foundry business. For Taiwan, all it takes is a phone call from the US government. I don't see why Intel cannot make such an arrangement. For CCP, it is about give-and-take. This one is not...
  14. J

    Intel is in Talks to Buy GlobalFoundries

    In the foundry business, size matters even in mature nodes. A GF acquisition is a good move. If possible, try to buy UMC as well. GF+UMC+Intel’s in-house capacity will be the largest mature node foundry in the world. It sounds like a good plan to me.
  15. J

    TSMC may set up wafer fabs in Germany and Japan

    “Creating solutions waiting for the problems” is a good Morris’ joke. TSMC has envisioned many problems but never auto ICs such as MCUs. US, EU, and Japan governments are all saying it is your problem now. TSMC has no choice but to do something about the mature nodes. Rumors said that TSMC has...