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Recent content by jaiyam

  1. J

    ‘Pathetic’ performance has left U.S. ‘well behind’ China in 5G race, ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt says

    Cheaper? 5G is an mix of many technologies just like AI is an amalgamation of many different technologies. In a factory 5G could be cheaper, depending on device density (number of nodes per square meter) and which subset of 5G tech is used. Faster? 5G can definitely be faster than Wifi. Again...
  2. J

    ‘Pathetic’ performance has left U.S. ‘well behind’ China in 5G race, ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt says

    The true benefit of 5G is in IoT and Industry 4.0. Thousands of interconnected sensors/devices in densely packed factories with edge AI to squeeze every bit of advantage out of them can provide much faster/high quality/low cost manufacturing than today's production lines. I know its a bit vague...
  3. J

    TSMC Board of Directors Meeting Resolutions (JAPAN)

    When I was graduating from a Japanese university in 2020, there were no good semi manufacturing jobs in Japan, especially for someone with both fabrication and AI/automation experience (which is where my interests lie). I ended up going to robotics research because it was/is booming. I wonder if...
  4. J

    Room Temperature Quantum Computing?

    So, I went on a bit of a internet trip for understanding the potential of NV center based QCs. My understanding is that these processors could scale in the number of qubits but they won't offer the speedup of universal quantum computers. This is because the NV center spins (see schematic on...
  5. J

    Magnachip To Be Acquired By Wise Road Capital

    What does Magnachip do, for those not in the loop?
  6. J

    Discussion: Our chips can never achieve the true computing power of a brain by having same specs like it.

    @Saicharan1919 This is a great discussion and I have been delving into this for the last few days, so I'll share my thoughts. Neuromorphic computing (NC) is the field where people are trying to replicate biological intelligence with computers. Intel R&D has come up with a NC chip called Loihi...
  7. J

    Intel to try to become a foundry again?

    Where does demand fit into this equation? We saw massive demand for electronics due to the pandemic in 2020 which has inflated the semiconductor market temporarily. By the time IFS matures and customers design their chips for Intel (say, a couple of years), we will be seeing the tail end of the...
  8. J

    Where is Jack Ma?

    Like they said, it is due to a scheduling conflict. Why on earth would anyone suspect otherwise? </sarcasm>
  9. J

    China moves closer to self-reliance in 7nm chip production

    @Daniel Nenni , you have publicly said many times that China is far behind the US in semiconductor manufacturing and that it is unlikely to catch up anytime soon. The specific conversation I remember is the one you had with Tom from Moore's Law is Dead. With news like this coming out, do you...
  10. J

    Aeva, New take on Lidar and its uses,

    It seems short-sighted (pun intended :) ) not to have physics collaborators to solve the problem. I am reminded of this piece from 2017 in SPIE Photonics magazine, which discusses something called 'flash lidar'. It goes against VCSEL based approaches in that it uses just one laser and...
  11. J

    Aeva, New take on Lidar and its uses,

    Did you have physicists on your team? Did they try shaping the beam to reduce dispersion or using a different wavelength of light? This is not a problem to be solved by VLSI design but through physics. They are using a continuous laser which shows they have something quite different from others...
  12. J

    Will China Beat US in Chips? Intel going fab-lite?

    Thank you for sharing. I would like to add that GoFlo is 100% owned by the sovereign wealth fund of UAE, which btw also owns a large share of AMD. GloFo had a 7 nm division, but UAE wanted them to make more money and provide return on their investment, So, the 7nm division was fired and a couple...
  13. J

    EUV for older nodes?

    I want to understand if EUV can have any impact on 10 nm or older nodes in a few years as EUV machines become more advanced and widely available. Almost all recent pre-EUV nodes use SADP, SAQP and a large number of masks to get the feature size lower than the diffraction limit of excimer lasers...