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Recent content by horscht(i)

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    Japan hits South Korea with semiconductor sanctions Since it was all over the news and I could not find a proper thread yet... Japan declares Export restictions on fluorinated polyamide, photoresists and hydrogen fluoride etching gas. As anyone can tell this probably will hit...
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    NXP to buy Marvell's WiFi, Bluetooth business for $1.76 billion

    If you`d ask NXP, I´d bet they would say something like "IoT". NXP has a Long Standing history with security-hardened micro controllers for payment applications. My best guess on the synergy therefore is to provide a full connetivity solution for wireless IoT: Owning the root-of-trust within the...
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    The standard reasons for investing in your own chip design

    Not too long ago I was reading a blog post on SemiWiki, which started by listing reasons of why to invest in your own chip design. I struggle to find the article on the page. It contained the one or the other argument I did not think of myself yet. Does anyone remember and can pin point me to...
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    Mask ROM footprint and read-out times

    I am looking for numbers or at least estimation for the footprint (area per bit) and read-out times of mask ROM versus Flash in a given process. The process can be as old as 40nm or even 65nm. After googling around for an hour the only rather solid statement I could find is "As a consequence...