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Recent content by hkwint

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    210 Billion Lost, Semis Massive Leverage, TSM a Trillion-dollar Market Cap?

    My company supplies a special metal part (which nobody else can make), and the the most "stupid" things are missing to fabricate just that 1 part. Now, if a ship is stuck at Suez, and a few tonnes of metal is stuck over there, people understand you can't produce metal parts without metal. But...
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    210 Billion Lost, Semis Massive Leverage, TSM a Trillion-dollar Market Cap?

    Companies have different suppliers, clients have different priorities at their suppliers, and VUCA messes with planning on a weekley basis. It used to be a monthly planning or so, but now it changes each three days. ...are not the companies with stringent release procedures. For them, it's...
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    Intel's Weak 2021 Sales Expectations

    From the stuff I read, Intel mainly was incompetent at delivering integrated SoCs where Samsung and Qualcomm succeeded. Back at the time, you had Intel Core CPU for desktop, barely able to decode h.264. At the same time, smartphones had video accelerators in the SoC, so the smartphone could...
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    Intel's Weak 2021 Sales Expectations

    Also, I think Intel took too much risk with the hyperscale-strategy (basically 10nm Cannon Lake). Management took far too much risk; thinking they can pull of 4 (or so) simultaneous new technologies. It included too many changes at once which all had to go right, like jumping through 13...
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    Intel has announced its first major customer for its new Intel Foundry Services business: Qualcomm

    Stuff not said is as important as stuff said, so does that mean QCOM is not using Intel 7, 5 & 4?
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    Gelsinger Can't Win, Ecosystems Must be Built, Morris Chang

    When discussing the "most important company" in the world, I think the '20-pandemic clearly taught us that "toilet paper factories" win hands down!
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    Intel is in Talks to Buy GlobalFoundries

    What about INTC buying part of GloFo or the stock; or part of GloFo forming a JV with part of Intel? Intel / Samsung / TSMC also bought a few billion ASML I recall. Intel also recently was in a JV with Micron. If I remember correctly, Mobileye used FD-SOI until a few years ago; and FD-SOI had...
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    TSMC may set up wafer fabs in Germany and Japan

    Just as I said, it has been confirmed: TSMC goes where the clients are. Much more important than island chains, missiles and such. Arizona --> Apple Japan --> Sony (Possible) Germany --> Car industry...
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    TSMC may set up wafer fabs in Germany and Japan

    This makes no sense at all. Germany's strength is people are willing to work in manufacturing, just like Taiwan. The whole Western world relies on cheap immigrant-labor, that's not special at all. Second, it's the client who wants to decide on the location of the factory. Just because Taiwan...
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    Intel is in Talks to Buy GlobalFoundries

    Some questions I have: What about process knowledge? Would there be anything in cancelled GloFo 7nm project which Intel can use to improve 10nm? Would there be any IBM Reaserch which GloFo incorporated when IBM Fabs became part of GloFo, which Intel can use? Also capacity: Is Intel 10nm...
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    TSMC may set up wafer fabs in Germany and Japan

    Not at all; it would make zero sense: TSMC wants to expand to growth markets; be less dependent on the core market (smartphones). Automotive is a growth market for TSMC. The clients for automotive are mainly in Japan, Germany and China; with US possibly already served by AZ. You want to...
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    Are Korean EUV Patents a Threat to ASML and TSMC?

    That's an old case which was already settle 2,5 years ago.
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    Why Toyota had a big pile of chips when semiconductor shortage dealt others a bad hand

    To put it bluntly: Safety stock level at some companies is managed by accountants - who don't look much further than their nose is long. SAP; I heard it means "System Against People". Well, sometimes this is suiting. Accountants take into consideration the cost of the stock items, the lot...
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    TSMC founder doubts US competence in chip-making

    To anyone interested in the topic, who didn't see the documentary "American Factory" yet: Watch it, it's really worth your time! Also about semiconductors by the way, ahum; but a different kind than discussed on Semiwiki. Apart from the labour...
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    The Intel (INTC) CEO Pat Gelsinger on Q1 2021 Results Discussion

    Wow, that's interesting. Because then in my limited understanding; it would mean US government is helping to keep the buybacks and dividends of billions per year floating, because Intel "on their own merits" can't? When was Intel actually labeled "too big too fail", to the point where someone...