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Recent content by herbs88

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    Root scientific causes of TSMC's leadership / Intel and Samsung's failure

    sorry what’s 996? never really heard of that when I worked in Taiwan.
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    Korea urged to confront US calls for key chip info

    I am pretty sure an undergrad can fill most of that out with the monthly/quarterly reports available on TSMC’s website… I am actually more concerned that the Department of Commerce asked companies to specify their nodes “in nanometers”… they still had no clue what’s going on after one year of...
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    Samsung Electronics in Dilemma between TSMC and Intel

    Business Korea is a small firm that’s willing to write anything to attract attention. I don’t think it’s fair to claim that Korean media only make trash.
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    Intel renames process nodes to better align with TSMC

    I think it’s good for the industry. Despite the fact that they’ve been trailing since 2018, their marketing kept portraying this false image - oh it’s the naming scheme, they’re really not behind. they’d better be confident that they can keep up with TSM, or else their shareholders would push...
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    Three Reasons Samsung Electronics Can't Catch up with TSMC

    It was actually worse… Back in Q1’18 the risk order of a few k of wafers ended up with zero functioning die. that’s why Qualcomm had to switch to TSM that year… and apparently they never learned their lessons
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    Three Reasons Samsung Electronics Can't Catch up with TSMC

    I hope people don’t take BusinessKorea seriously… they are not influential at all in korea and they’ll say anything to attract viewership
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    T J Rodgers Says Government Wastes Money

    I am not too sure about that. The Nanking expansion should be focused on 28nm. The BCD node TSMC uses for consumer electronics should be 200-mm/90nm. Even for high-end mobile devices, they would be on 300-mm/40nm.
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    T J Rodgers Says Government Wastes Money

    Apple designed their own PMICs. the iphone 12s employ APL1094s. APL1096s & 1097s were used in the M1 macbooks. My guess is that the new M1 iPads could be using 1096s also. TSMC fabricated the PMICs on 200mm wafers, definitely mature nodes...
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    Is IBM back to semiconductor business?!!!

    They sold their 14nm process to Global Foundries in 2014. And GloFo just hasn’t really advanced ever since
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    TSMC to No Longer Do Business with China. which side is SK going to pick?

    Kim Eun-Jin had a really bad track record of reporting anything related to TSMC. One of the really off reports was claiming Apple’s M1 chip returning to Samsung’s 5nm node due to TSMC’s lack of capacity. TSMC’s fab in Nanjing expects a capacity expansion, mostly on mature nodes (28nm), despite...
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    Chinese Companies Hold Only 5% of Global IC Marketshare

    The marketshare of fabless companies headquartered in China in 2021 would probably be less than 10% due to the Huawei ban.
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    Intel CEO to attend White House meeting on chip supply chain

    This guy is a genius in acquisitions. Number of granted patents, however, has been decreasing since Avago took over.
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    Intel _does_ read Semiwiki!

    Your reply citing the Chipgate article features an Austin Evans’s video showing that he calibrated both screens at 200nits and ran a geekbench 3 battery test to 50% battery. The TSM one lasted 50 extra minutes. So yeah, I would believe a full drain test would be close to 100 minutes as shown in...
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    Intel _does_ read Semiwiki! Here’s the 2 hour difference that caused a big deal back then. This happened really long ago so I understand you don’t remember all the details. A quick google search, however, would have saved you from all this...
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    Intel _does_ read Semiwiki!

    Did you go through the link you posted? The video in that link literally claimed extra power drain from the A9 fabricated using Samsung’s 14nm node. Regarding the larger die size consuming less power, Samsung’s 14LPE suffered more from leakage due to the material they deployed for as they leaped...