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Recent content by dwisehart

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    Root scientific causes of TSMC's leadership / Intel and Samsung's failure

    With quotes from @Daniel Nenni It is well worth the read, IMO. Daniel
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    What EDA tools do you use for TSMC 16/12nm and GlobalFoundries 14/12nm?

    Is it all Cadence and Synopsys and Siemens or are you using other tools as well that you prefer to the heavy hitters in the EDA tools market? It seems to me like these processes are out of the reach of OpenRoad for now. Thanks, Daniel
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    If China takes Taiwan, the World Loses

    A good friend moved his family from Hong Kong to Taiwan in the past 18 months (his in-laws are Taiwanese but he, his wife, and children are US citizens). They moved specifically because of what the mainland government was doing to Hong Kong, especially in the schools where his wife was a...
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    Cyber War over IP is Here and Now, Single International patents required

    Here is the problem with a universal patent system. You design and build a product and successfully patent it. A small shop in country XYZ reverse engineers your design and starts selling your product for a fraction of the cost under their name. You file a legal claim in country XYZ...
  5. D

    When Shrink Ends, Graphene inteconnected Processors, TSM rules

    I have been impressed that as the size shrinks and the number of transistors per mm goes up, the cost goes up a little faster than the shrink goes down, but not a lot. So the cost for a million transistors is staying about the same. At least from 40nm to 12nm to 7nm. I can believe there are...
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    RC Low Pass Filter Problem

    Nothing was attached. Have you considered building a spice model and running ltspice on your circuit? You can learn a lot from being able to virtually probe around your circuit.
  7. D

    Cost tradeoffs at 28nm vs 40nm (Arm M0+)

    One of the big differences is in the IP you are buying: it is already taped out in both 40nm and 28nm? If it is, usually the price is not that different. But on the Coretex-M0+ webpage, they only list 180nm, 90nm and 40nm...
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    Thanks for the lead. Karl or I will be in touch. Daniel

    Thanks for the lead. Karl or I will be in touch. Daniel
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    ASIC services needed to replace obsolete parts

    Thanks for the replies. I have been talking to Microsemi but so far, without success. I will contact the other two. If anyone else has a suggestion, please let me know.
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    ASIC services needed to replace obsolete parts

    I need to replace two obsolete Vitesse parts that Microsemi no longer makes. They are fairly simple, mixed signal/RF parts that one design shop said they could make in 65 nm TSMC CyberShuttle, they own the IP and have a package that will work, but they want over $1M for a minimum first run...