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Recent content by Deion

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    Take a potentiometer as a voltage divider?

    Good day, all I have a small fan setup and I wanted to add a potentiometer to use as a variable resistor. I checked some steps of how to wire a potentiometer. I've come up with this design which uses a logarithmic potentiometer in place of a series resistor. Initially, the red line did not...
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    Is it possible to replace a ceramic capacitor with two electrolytic capacitors in this configuration?

    I would like to place a non-polarized capacitor in between V1 and R1. Is it possible to replace the non-polarized capacitor(ceramic capacitor) with two polarized (electrolytic capacitors) C1 and C2 shown in the diagram above?
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    AND Gate Stays Open

    I have a very simple circuit on a breadboard with two push-button switches, an AND gate (74LS08), and an LED. I have the two switches hooked up to pins 1 and 2, while the LED goes from 3 to ground. Pin 14 is given 5 volts, while pin 7 goes to ground. I'm just trying to test to see if the AND...
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    How do you wire a time delay relay? Is one enough?

    As far as the contact itself is concerned, except for the difference in contact current and contact materials, there is no difference. It has nothing to do with whether it is a time relay or an ordinary relay, and whether it is a normally open or normally closed contact. Time relay and ordinary...