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Recent content by clhende

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    TSMC to Build Fab in Arizona and They are Hiring!

    There are a number of TSMC job postings in AZ on, so I think this train is moving forward.
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    GlobalFoundries Pulls Out of Chengdu

    I recently saw a headline (buried in much of the other news) about GlobalFoundries pulling out of their Chengdu site. I would be curious to hear the community's take on this. I don't think GlobalFoundries was putting up a lot of their own money for this factory, just the Chinese state/local...
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    China, IP, Tech, Taiwan, Politics Forever Changed, Opportunity

    Hi Portland, Of course, the NBA analogy only goes so far. I agree that they are all over-paid and not a priority for our current world situation. TSMC is definitely more valued-added to the world than the NBA!
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    China, IP, Tech, Taiwan, Politics Forever Changed, Opportunity

    Ultimately, this factory may run better if, like Portland says, they start with fresh, moldable minds. Yes, you need a few experts, but too many experts creates too much discord, sort of like an All Star NBA team. You're better off with a few leaders, and people that can follow instructions...
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    Coronavirus Benefits, China May Win, Staggering Opportunities

    This is something we're working on, but we're a small company and don't have huge resources to push along this front. Hopefully, being nimble and finding a niche that works will allow us to be successful in this area. We are focused on semiconductor technology training, so that is something...
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    Coronavirus Benefits, China May Win, Staggering Opportunities

    At Semitracks, we have been working on the online education piece for a number of years now. Some companies are open to the idea, while others are still caught in the old education model. It's not clear to us what might be the "game changer". Perhaps something like the Coronavirus might be...
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    ? on Packaging, Layers Replacing Node Shrink

    I think that packaging can be used to help reduce the size of the electronic system somewhat further. The combination of Through-Silicon Vias (TSVs), Direct Chip Attach, and silicon thinning can facilitate stacking of chips to create smaller form factors in system applications. I do believe...
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    Along came a trojan? GDSII vs Silicon check

    There is a tool by a company called MicroNet Solutions that addresses this problem to a certain extent.
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    Semis Make Knowledge a Utility

    I think one of the biggest problems facing the industry is more in the area of fundamentals. We work in an industry that prizes specialization. Specialization can work well, but you need people that understand the big picture. When I look at knowledge in general today, we have more knowledge...