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Recent content by BobbiMac

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    210 Billion Lost, Semis Massive Leverage, TSM a Trillion-dollar Market Cap?

    Anybody checking on what's missing at the automakers? I am guessing that the shortage is various modules made for the automakers by small and medium size suppliers. It's likely that these suppliers were whipsawed badly when the car guys cut there forecasts. Anybody notice that there doesn't...
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    5nm wafer cost very high

    Aren’t die size and die yield part of this equation?
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    Reliability at the System Level

    I'm proposing some new thinking at the system level. Think about some of the little issues in an iOT home system. Something causes a signal to the home thermostat pushing it up to 90 F. You are out of town for two weeks and return to find dead plants and a huge utility bill. Similar thoughts...