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Recent content by Bill Martin

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    India To Offer $1 Billion Reward To Every Chip-Maker Who 'Makes In India’

    If you are talking young population to help design more chips for various applications, then you are correct. If you are talking about population to staff wafer foundries, human processing went away some time ago in the most advanced foundries. Humans contribute too much contamination for...
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    Samsung's Chip Fabs in Texas Ordered to Shut Down Due to Power Shortage

    I lived in Ca for about 6 yrs and they had rolling brownouts that were forced on various manufacturers to prevent electric grid issues. This is a common technique used by any grid operator regardless where you live or why it was caused. Thinking that Tx is unique is not looking in the mirror...
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    Samsung's Chip Fabs in Texas Ordered to Shut Down Due to Power Shortage

    NO. All grids are very fragile and even Connecticut is starting to create a statewide grid that can be quickly disconnected from the large Eastern grid they are part of. Tx needs to stay independent and many other States might want to investigate how to isolate themselves. This is one case...
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    Samsung's Chip Fabs in Texas Ordered to Shut Down Due to Power Shortage

    Yep, a friend recommended me two books to read. Once is a historical perspective about the various power outages across the US (called The Grid by Bakke) and the second is a fiction book that has the basis of European Electrical grids call Blackout: a techno-thriller. I enjoyed Bakke's book...
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    Change of CEO at Intel announced

    But I believe Pat will understand the tightly coupled Design (which he was over) and Fabrication to get devices that are required. So he can dig in much deeper than Swan or even BK and able to ferret out problem people and replace them quickly before more damage....but time will tell. No...
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    Change of CEO at Intel announced

    Intel over past 7 years (yes, Swan along with BK's reign) significantly crippled Intel's integrated design and manufacturing duopoly. Without any change, Intel would have followed in the steps of AMD. With Pat returning; growing up and fully understanding the 'old' culture; with a stockpile of...
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    UV-C LEDs key to Coronavirus Problem

    Just a question: has 'our' reaction caused COVID-19 to be a black swan event?
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    “Black Swan” Event Triggers Revision to 2020 IC Market Forecast

    On point. For decades, we have lots far more people to the annual flu while less than 50% of the population gets the annual vaccine (CDC website data). In addition, we have started to see measles and chickenpox breakouts due to people that have not been vaccinated. Highly correlated on...
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    “Black Swan” Event Triggers Revision to 2020 IC Market Forecast

    No question that this is very overblown given we barely give notice to the annual flu, under 50% of population takes the annual flu shot and it causes far more deaths that this virus. Yes, there are warning signs that these types of viruses can spread more easily; just look at the measles...
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    “Black Swan” Event Triggers Revision to 2020 IC Market Forecast

    Black swan events definitely cause lots of unknowns and stress within the system. Black swans can also cause people to re-evaluate how they do business. Examples: more working from home and companies might be surprised (good or bad) by the results; less travel expenses that lead to...
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    GLOBALFOUNDRIES Files Patent Infringement Lawsuits

    Many may not be aware but back in the 1970's, Hughes (I believe) had a fundamental process patent about self aligning gates/implanting. They targeted a few companies and when they got them to settle, they went after others. At the time, it was very easy to prove via pics that a company either...
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    Samsung plans to "Japan" all semiconductor materials ?

    No question, this can have a downside. But this will also force possibly new materials, new processes, etc to be developed that are superior to ones currently used. In addition, back in the 70-80s, one common question was how can we second source this ASIC? Why? they did not want to have a...
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    Intel auctioning off 5G patents

    yep, another way to be disruptive to the next cell standard. It would have been interesting to see if Qualcomm did not have a strangle hold on many of the cell patents....tough to go back in time to see how this market would have been affected by this change.....Intel could open it up and maybe...
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    Intel auctioning off 5G patents

    what might be interesting is for the US Gov't to purchase these patents and allow free usage to companies. US can decide if they want to provide free for all countries or determine what access costs.....odd thought given the trade conflicts and Huawei issues....
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    AI Plays Poker, Design Chips?

    This was an article that I read in Nature Briefing (email update). This article had the 'high' points but did not delve into specific poker players used in the study or how it was performed (or even about the algorithm). The article references a much deeper article and names the players...