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Recent content by benb

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    China's Tsinghua Unigroup defaults on $198 million bond: sources

    As tonyget says, this is one high profile bankruptcy, it doesn’t necessarily read-through about China, and there have been bankruptcies among ex-China, although not so many for while. Ex-China, most semiconductor firms are surprisingly successful during COVID, as work from home and work online...
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    Rumor: TSMC Expected to Produce 5nm Intel CPUs in H1 2022

    How to get $50B USD As-Is: You are a blue chip stock with a large capital expense budget you would like to reduce. Step 0: Create a credible threat of offshoring production Step 1: Form an industry association, collect $5-10M in fees Step 2: Engage McKinsey or Bain or Boston Consulting to...
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    Rumor: TSMC Expected to Produce 5nm Intel CPUs in H1 2022

    One of the key things we learned as part of COVID-19 is that the offshoring of critical production capabilities, for things like medicine, semiconductors and defense, puts the USA in a strategically vulnerable position. Said another way, it enables attackers to attack. Said yet another way...
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    TSMC Scores Subsidies and Picks Site for $12 Billion U.S. Plant

    I’ve heard it all: Yes but capa is different, yes but taxes and foreign exchange is different, yes but foreign subsidies, yes but labor costs are different, yes but local electrical, water and construction code standards are different, yes but waste standards are different...the list is...
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    TSMC Scores Subsidies and Picks Site for $12 Billion U.S. Plant

    There also isn‘t any news about handouts for Global Foundries, located in New York. New York and Texas are both big states with lots of electoral college votes. Arizona has fewer electoral college votes. My theory is US politicians don’t know a TSMC from a Samsung from a Global Foundry. But...
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    Can Intel Regain Process Leadership?

    There seems to be a generic malaise with US companies that depend on engineering as the core of their business model. Intel, Boeing, and General Electric are the most publicly troubled, but I am betting there are many others. It has been predicted and warned, for decades, that older...
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    TSMC Scores Subsidies and Picks Site for $12 Billion U.S. Plant

    The economics of offshoring vs. onshoring is finally coming into focus. The global standard cutting edge fab is $10B USD, in Taiwan or Korea, Singapore, and parts of China. In the USA, $12B. The gap: $2B. This is just the facility cost, not operating cost. 20% is a lot. Someone should study...
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    U.S. IC Companies Maintain Global Marketshare Lead

    Bad news for Israel and Intel, portland. On the topic of US-based chip business success, this seems to flow from design being based in the USA, and competition. The chip business remains competitive, in the US. I mean competitive in the sense that AMD could kill Intel off, and that's normal...
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    China lags far behind in semiconductor battle

    Does anyone know what Tsinghua Unigroup does, in the Chinese semiconductor space? Do they have fabs? How advanced? What products (foundry, DRAM, NAND?) Trying to get context for the comments. More questions: What are the goals for Made in China 2025 regarding semiconductor output? Is...
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    Pentagon Working with TSMC?

    Think what it means when a major high-tech manufacturer wants to come “onshore” but it’s cost prohibitive. That means minimum up $1B difference, to be meaningful (in a $10-15B project). Infrastructure costs too much in the USA, and gets executed poorly. It’s aggravating when you see instances...
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    New Apple iPhones (meh)

    I'm going to go with meh as well, no fault of the amazing A13, but the user experience of getting into Facebook 0.1 s faster is just not compelling. Longer battery life is pretty nifty though. Relatively fast battery degradation and throttling being a "feature" of the Apple world, starting...
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    Can We Believe The Hype About China’s Domestic IC Production Plans?

    I’m pretty sure Silicon Valley type people take the same attitude toward China as they do all not-of-the-Valley entities, and it’s not pure nationalism, or other ism. But, these discussions always have a whiff of -isms. I admire Chinese ability to quickly and cost-effectively build...
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    SemiWiki 2.0 is up

    Looks great, good job!
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    ARM Suspends Business With Huawei Just As EE Removes Huawei Phones From 5G launch

    I have a certain amount of shock regarding ARM joining the sanctions somewhat voluntarily. Of all the sanctions, losing access to ARM probably hurts the most. Losing access to the non-OSS parts of Android affects Huawei consumer products outside of China, inside China they probably have...