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Recent content by Arthur Hanson

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    Semis Price Decay Changes Even War

    The drone strike at the Saudi oil facilities was carried out by an estimated ten drones that were estimated to cost fifteen thousand a piece. The previous large drone air strike that the US launched against Syria years ago was by a substantial number of cruise missiles at well over a million a...
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    New Apple iPhones (meh)

    Price decay strategies are going to be ever more critical as the pace of advancement speeds up due to the "Great Acceleration" and will be critical in maintaining the usefulness and market penetration of any platform.
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    World's First Tech Ambassador

    With tech becoming an integral part of everything from social, business, education, politics and everything else, Denmark has the office of tech ambassador to deal with these changes in an orderly, transparent fashion. Just like companies added CTOs years ago, governments are stepping up to the...
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    Phononic Perfects Solid State Heat Transfer, Mega Market

    I suggest you look at the Intel 3dXpoint memory modules under the Optane name. Look for Micron to come out with their versions of this soon. TSM will shortly be putting Crossbar phase change memory in on chip memory. Look forward to many changes in this area in the next year.
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    Graphene Revolution Shrinks MEMS sensors

    After studying graphene for about ten years it's finally starting to come of age with numerous new ways of producing and working with it. Because of its single layer molecular structure and strength of its bonds it holds promise in numerous areas from structural materials on a larger scale to...
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    Tech to Alter the Economy

    The coming to prominence of developments in AI/ML over the next eighteen months is going fundamentally change traditional economics and the world economy. If AI/ML and the automation the bring on can overcome the regulatory and special interest barriers, many of the fundamental rules governing...
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    GLOBALFOUNDRIES Files Patent Infringement Lawsuits

    I am about to patent several innovative ways of breathing. Soon I expect to be collecting royalties and license fees from everyone including breeders of animals and fish. Many patents and copyrights should never have been issued, since they are not truly innovative and don't meet the criteria...
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    GLOBALFOUNDRIES Files Patent Infringement Lawsuits

    Based on years of listening to TSM conference calls, I feel if TSM was careful about IP protection of what it itself has developed, this could turn into a IP war of sorts throughout the industry. China has challenged many companies patents in almost kangaroo courts and has had limited luck...
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    Is EETimes Dead? Again?

    Not sad, progress. SemiWiki is an ideal example of progress and congratulations to the founders for a great job well done.
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    Is EETimes Dead? Again?

    We are going to see changes come faster than ever and even online is going to morph and evolve in ways many haven't even imagined. With so much information coming on and it's useful life becoming shorter and shorter, I see publications becoming like YouTube with music and tailoring their...
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    Phononic Perfects Solid State Heat Transfer, Mega Market

    Phonic has now brought to market solid state heat transfer using the Peltier effect which is explained in the article below. This will be a critical to cooling semis and mems in a localized manner rather than wasting energy cooling a much larger space. This will allow devices to shrink much...
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    TSMC to Change the World Again

    TSMC has changed the world with a comprehensive semi/mems fabrication state of the art foundry ecosystem including not only TSMC itself, but an entire ecosystem comprised of numerous suppliers and long term customers. This has literally changed our entire world and now with the addition of...
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    1.2 Trillion transistor chip? Yes - Cerebras

    TSMC has definitely shown they are into innovation and thinking outside the box. I look forward to more surprising developments in the near future. Any thoughts on where TSMC might innovate would be appreciated. The competition, only Samsung is left, will be looking.
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    1.2 Trillion transistor chip? Yes - Cerebras

    Daniel, any thoughts on who the key equipment suppliers for this chip are, ASML, AMAT, etc. and why? Any other thoughts on the fabrication process would be appreciated. Has TSMC achieved a significant process breakthrough over the competition?
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    1.2 Trillion transistor chip? Yes - Cerebras

    Daniel, could they be using most of the chip and have figured out how to disable or work around defective segments taking them out of the equation? Any thoughts or comments on this would be appreciated. Could they have also designed some redundancy into the chip, not requiring perfection?