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Recent content by Arthur Hanson

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    University of Texas creates single atom Atomristor Memory?

    Any thoughts on whether this single atom memory will become a viable technology in the near future?
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    Xi should study Morris Chang

    It's no secret Xi wants the world dependent on China, but the time is rapidly coming that we must deal with this challenge, not by confrontation, but by creating a fair and transparent trading and collaborative relationship. A true deterrent exists in the mind of the beholder and currently Xi...
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    TSM Revolutionizing Ultrasound Chip

    Thanks for the excellent link. I see the base technology having a large range of uses in many tasks. Any thoughts and observations on this would be appreciated.
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    Bob Swan: Open Letter to President-elect Biden

    Clueless, from his writing he knows little about leveraging and compounding the resources he has. I will be writing about this in future forums. Intel desperately needs another Andy Grove.
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    Samsung all-in on 3nm: liklihood of overtaking TSMC?

    Any thoughts where MU is with partners on integrating memory and processing?
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    TSM Revolutionizing Ultrasound Chip

    US medical has little to do with quality care, it's all about money and the fact that the US ranks 37th in quality at the world's highest cost, speaks to the extremely serious problems it's causing to the point it may destroy the country. US medical now consumes 20% of every single dollar...
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    TSM Revolutionizing Ultrasound Chip

    TSM is revolutionizing ultrasound by making a low cost ultrasound chip and this is just the beginning for other chips are enabling ultrasound to make 3D images like an MRI at a small fraction of the cost. I was unable to find who makes this chip. It's obvious special interests in US medical...
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    The Gift Covid Gave Us

    Dan, My wife and I have been on a diet we cheat on regularly that I designed and have only been sick once in the last ten years. That occurred on our plane trip to Puerta Vallarta and we both recovered in about twenty four hours. You are what you eat. I use a shotgun approach to nutrition for...
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    The Gift Covid Gave Us

    Covid has wreaked devestation across the planet, but like many disasters, has made us rise to the challenge and speed up technological change that have benefitted the world. World War II advanced many technologies like aircraft, medical and electronics to the benefit of all. Covid is doing the...
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    Apple/TSM to unseat Intel with M1 Chip ?s

    It seems Apple may unseat Intel in processor chips with its new M1 chip by TSMC/ARM released today with very impressive specs. Apple has the muscle to build the ecosystem from top to bottom to make this happen. If this is successful, does anyone have insights on what this will do to Intel...
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    Aeva, New take on Lidar and its uses,

    Aeva, a new start up in the lidar game, not only measures distance, but velocity with a single low cost chip. The accuracy they are able to achieve will open many new areas of use for this technology at the performance and price specs they claim they can achieve. Any thoughts or comments on...
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    TSMC to Build Fab in Arizona and They are Hiring!

    The US needs all the high end fabs it can get. To not have any, even if not bleeding edge, would by inviting a myriad of problems.
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    AMD Agrees to Buy Xilinx for $35 Billion in Latest Effort to Take on Rival Intel

    AMD to buy Xillinx in 35 billion all stock deal. This is but the latest assault on Intel and is to be completed in 2021. It looks like Intel is under assault from all sides. It also looks like this will be another win for TSM...
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    Carbon Nanotubes to Revolutionize Batteries

    Here is just one more of many advances coming out at an accelerating rate, just like semis