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Akeel Attar

• 30 Years of experience in leading technical teams developing software tools, implementing solutions and delivering consulting services relating to Business Rules Automation and Analytics Decision Engines to blue-chip clients world-wide.

• Akeel and his team have delivered business rules automation solutions to world-wide clients in the Manufacturing, Financial services, Telcos, Oil & Gas, Retail, Process and Public sectors. Clients include Diageo, BP, Rolls Royce, NASA, Schlumberger, RWE, Kodak, Wartsila, Hosokawa-Alpine(Uk-Germany), GE Capital, Lloyds Bank, Aviva, Meiji (Japan), Renaissance Capital (Russia), Chase Bank, Marisa (Brazil), Teledata (Brazil), Australian Tax Office, New Zealand Social security, AOL, SFR (France).

• Extensive experience of applying Analytics Decisioning, Rules Automation and data mining in corporate/personal lending, mortgage arrears, credit cards, Life insurance, financial fraud and customer retention.

• Many years experience in the implementation of rules driven user interfaces for delivering problem resolution and trouble-shooting, guided financial advice, product recommendation & quotations and the selling of complex products and services.

• Developed, implemented and patented a number of software modules for the monitoring, improvement, and control of continuous processes such as powder processing, steel making and chemical reactors. These techniques combine data mining, fuzzy logic, rules automation and Genetic algorithm optimisation.

• Pioneered use of hybrid resource optimisation techniques combining genetic algorithms and simple heuristic planning rules to solve the problem of large scale resource optimisation. This solution has been successfully used by Diageo for 20 years to optimise the short, medium and long term planning of their complex inventory. It has also been used by Channel 4 TV to optimise the selling of their airtime.

Case studies are available on the XpertRule website
Manchester, United Kingdom
Managing Director at XpertRule Software Group