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Webinar: Model Docking Missions

April 5, 2023


Whether it’s a submarine, a UAV or a satellite; vehicles might need to dock to other vehicles or devices for data transfer, servicing, or instrumentation install. The successful docking of spacecrafts requires precise control and coordination of various subsystems to avoid any kind of damages between the participants, for that reason, this process is usually automated to minimize the effect of environment variations and make the docking process smoother and reliable.

The docking automation requires advanced algorithms which are trained with thousands of high-fidelity synthetic data frames. Simulation is an essential activity for the future of rendezvous and docking missions, helping to create and simulate unlimited scenario variations on a safe environment to train AI/ML algorithms to perform this crucial task.

Join us to learn how Ansys tools are used to model docking missions and simulate the sensor responses for cameras and lidars, leveraging our GPU solvers.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand the principles and concepts of autonomous docking technology, including the subsystems involved, the challenges faced, and the methods used to overcome them.

2. Learn how Ansys tools can be leveraged to design and implement a simulation model of autonomous docking, including the ability to model the physical properties of the spacecrafts, the environment, and the docking process.

3. Develop proficiency in using Ansys software to simulate the autonomous docking process, including the modeling of optical sensors such as Camera an LiDAR.


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