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Webinar: HPC in Cloud: choose between hybrid or completely cloud-based solutions

May 18, 2023 @ 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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Explore options for hybrid or cloud-based HPC to take advantage of the different resources available 

High Performance Computing (HPC) in the cloud is growing in popularity, thanks to the flexibility and scalability that cloud computing can offer. However, many organizations using HPC continue to use on-premise solutions for the majority of their workloads, and cloud integration can present a significant challenge. An important choice organizations face when it comes to cloud HPC is whether to use fully cloud-based solutions or hybrid solutions that combine on-premises and cloud resources. 

The webinar will focus on comparing hybrid HPC solutions , which combine cloud infrastructure with on-premise HPC, and fully cloud-based HPC solutions , which use cloud resources exclusively. 

Hybrid solutions offer greater flexibility and control over data, but can be complex to manage. Cloud-based solutions are easier to manage, but may not be suitable for all workloads. In this event, we’ll explore the differences between the two options and provide advice on how to choose the right solution for your organization’s needs. 

In particular, the advantages in terms of flexibility, scalability and security of cloud-based solutions and the possible challenges associated with the migration of HPC workloads to the cloud will be discussed. 

Who is it aimed at?

This webinar is aimed at IT managers, engineers and HPC professionals who want to learn more about the choices available for cloud HPC and how to select the best solution for their specific needs. 

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