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Visualizing the Digital Twin for Heavy Equipment

July 8, 2021


Experiencing large, heavy equipment at a human scale in virtual reality enables designers and engineers to make better design decisions on digital models before committing to expensive physical prototypes. With the addition of multi-person collaboration, remote teams can review designs simultaneously, in virtual reality, from anywhere in the world.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How remote design teams can collaborate at human-scale in NX VR
  • How to create stunning images for design review with NX Render
  • How to optimize operator cabin visibility with NX Human and NX Render

Heavy equipment visualization benefits

This session is for designers and engineers in the heavy equipment sector wanting to quickly and easily create stunning 3D visualizations for design reviews, leverage immersive visualization for collaboration between remote teams and optimize operator visibility using photo-real 360 images. Our in-house experts will show you how to use integrated visualization of your master model across a range of workflows. Integrated visualization in NX can reduce the time to create your first image by up to 30% and can further reduce the time to create your second image by up to 90%.

How to optimize the operator cabin with heavy equipment visualization

When designing powerful heavy equipment, it’s critical to consider the operator’s visibility from the cabin. By combining NX Human and NX Render, designers can now create photo-real 360 images from the accurate perspective of real-life people, enabling you to optimize operator visibility.

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This course will be held Online