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USA, Canada: Unified Digital and Mixed-Signal Debug Webinar!

March 26, 2019 - April 2, 2019


10 am – 11 am

For all SoC designers, Join this webinar to learn how to debug your designs in a faster, efficient way.

What you will learn:
VISUALIZE: Render schematics on the fly for VHDL/Verilog/Spice level netlists to understand function of design easily. Supported formats include Verilog, VHDL, SystemVerilog, Liberty, SPICE, HSPICE, Spectre, Calibre, CDL, DSPF, SPEF.
PRUNE: Extract, navigate and save critical timing paths/fragments of design as Verilog/Spice/SPEF netlists with the ‘cone view’, for reuse as IP or external use in partial simulation
CLOCK TREE ANALYZER: Visualize and detect different clock domains in the design. Configure Clock cells and also verify the clock domain crossing.
CROSS-PROBE: Drag & drop selected components/nets between all design views (schematic, logic cone, Parasitic window and source code view) to cross probe and shorten debug time, especially during tape-out for full chip debug
PARASITIC: Visualize and analyze parasitic networks (Post layout formats: DSPF, RSPF, SPEF) and create SPICE netlists for critical path simulation
NETLIST REDUCTION: Instantly turn off/on parasitic structures in SPICE circuits for better comprehension of CMOS function
SKILL EXPORT: Export schematics and schematic fragments into Cadence Virtuoso Schematic for further optimization and debugging using in-build SKILL exporter and Symbol utility package.
ERC CHECK: Verify/debug connectivity especially for multi fan-in and fan-out nets by identifying floating input and output nets, heavy connected nets, etc.
HIERARCHY Vs FLAT: Ability to convert a Flat netlist into hierarchy and a hierarchical netlist into Flat using our extensive API tcl support
SEARCH & CONE: Using “Search and Cone” Feature to find that one transistor/component/module/net/port/gate in large flattened Netlist.
SOC OR MIXED SIGNAL DESIGN: Visualize, Debug and Analyze the RTL, GATE and SPICE Design in one cockpit!
DOCUMENT: Generate design statistics & reports: Instance & primitive counts
TCL API: Extend functionality of StarVision to match project needs by interfacing with the open database through tcl scripts and in batch mode



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March 26, 2019
April 2, 2019