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Turbine Interaction Modelling Using Ansys’ WindModeller with Large Scale Offshore Wind Farm Real World Example by RWE

November 16, 2021

Join this webinar to learn about the key features of Ansys WindModeller, and hear how RWE has used this tool to study the large offshore wind farms they have developed, currently own and operate.

November 16, 2021
10 AM EST / 3 PM GMT / 8:30 PM IST


About this Webinar

WindModeller is a great tool for automating the simulation of onshore and offshore wind farms in Ansys Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The tool facilitates the inclusion of key physics that are absent from lower order engineering and heuristic models typically used for wind resource and turbine interaction assessment, increasing the accuracy and robustness of energy predictions. Features of WindModeller include automated terrain generation and meshing; forestry canopy modelling; atmospheric stability via the inclusion of buoyancy; and turbine rotor representation. The entire workflow is driven by a custom GUI/TUI to provide a turn-key solution for less advanced CFD users, and a platform for CFD experts.

This webinar will introduce WindModeller, including its key features, followed by an in-depth case study of large offshore wind farms developed, owned and operated by RWE, a major offshore wind developer and WindModeller user. RWE has developed production-level RANS/URANS CFD modelling capability for use at scale, which currently utilizes HPC on a local workstation and large cloud-based cluster. The case study explores the value proposition of deploying Ansys WindModeller at scale when coupled to big compute, as well as how energy yield assessment predictions are improved by leveraging the correct spectrum of physics.

Speakers: Andrew Wells, Senior Application Engineer, Ansys & Christopher Rodaway, CFD Engineer, RWE

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