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Semiconductor Industry Forum

December 8, 2021

Semiconductor Industry Forum, hosted by Silicon Catalyst presents “A View to the Future … it’s about what’s next®”

What will be the continuing repercussions of the global pandemic, both in terms of business challenges and new opportunities in healthcare and other applications?

  • With the upcoming change in the U.S. government leadership, how far will policy makers go to help the domestic semiconductor industry and reduce dependence on manufacturers in Asia, particularly Taiwan?

  • What semiconductor demand drivers will be most important for new chip designs and startup formation? Artificial intelligence? 5G? Smart cars? Healthcare? Space privatization? Others?

  • What are the prospects for a continued trade war with China and the repercussions for semiconductor makers and customers?

  • How have the headwinds slowing Moore’s Law advances affected innovation and business strategy in the sector?

  • What new materials and technologies for creating future memory and logic chips will become most important?

  • What are the factors driving the current consolidation wave in the industry? Will they continue? What will be the impact on innovation?


Don Clark, Contributing Journalist, New York Times

Mark Edelstone, Chairman of Global Semiconductor Investment Banking, Morgan Stanley

Ann Kim, Managing Director, Frontier Tech, Silicon Valley Bank & Kauffman Fellow

Jodi Shelton, Co-Founder and CEO, Global Semiconductor Alliance

Wednesday December 8, 2021 – 9am to 11am Pacific

The semiconductor industry has a long history of adapting and evolving
to cope with the many challenges that have arisen over the last few
decades. For the most part, each of these hurdles have been successfully overcome with breakthrough innovations in technology and business models.

From an evolutionary viewpoint, our industry has moved from being
completely vertically integrated to enable competitive differentiation,
to today’s global dis-integration of the supply chain, creating whole
new semiconductor related industries along the way (electronic design automation, IP, foundry, packaging and semiconductor services) – enabling the ubiquitous and seemingly irreplaceable use of electronic systems in all of the world’s industries and populations.

The semiconductor industry, and society in general, is now at a major inflection point. The globalization of the supply chain, combined with the on-going geo-political turmoil, layered on top of the pandemic, has created a unique set of challenges for our industry, and most importantly, the world at large.

We invite you to join in a dialog with our Forum 4.0 panel as they address key topics, including:

  • Semiconductor Supply Chain Challenges

The current limited supply situation has impacted all aspects of our lives, industries and global economies. Is there an end in sight? What are the key lessons learned? What should be done to ensure that the situation is not repeated in the future?

  • US-China Relationship

The recent trend of punch / counterpunch does not seem to have an end in sight. As viewed by both countries, our industry is “too big to fail”. We’re now well beyond risk-mitigation and squarely in crisis-mode. Can we ever put the “genie back in the bottle?”

  • Public-Private Partnerships vs Free-market forces

The response to the pandemic has clearly shown that industry and government can collaborate for the good of society. Can the same be said for the initiatives by the major industrialized nations to establish domestic sources for the vital electronics demanded by their industries and
societies? Is it too little, too late? And what impact will the continuing consolidation of semiconductor vendors, combined with local government investments, drive a new type of “territorial bottom-line” ?

  • Work-from-Home: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

WFM / Hybrid work environments are here to stay, especially for those in that are in the “knowledge worker” demographic. If you’re an electronic systems vendor, you’re seeing record setting business results (if you can get the chips…). But isn’t the history of the semiconductor industry’s innovation significantly based on the “randomness” of chance encounters with colleagues in the office? Can we truly be as creative and innovative, working individually dispersed and remote?


  • Forum 4.0 Overview & Panel Introduction
  • Semi Industry Update Mark Edelstone, Morgan Stanley
  • Panel Discussion Moderated by Don Clark, Q&A from Forum attendees

Moderator: Don Clark, Contributing Journalist, New York Times
Panel Members:

  • Janet Collyer – Independent Non-Executive Director, UK Aerospace Technology Institute
  • Mark Edelstone – Chairman of Global Semiconductor Investment Banking, Morgan Stanley
  • John Neuffer – President & CEO, Semiconductor Industry Association
  • Wally Rhines, President & CEO of Cornami; GSA 2021 Morris Chang Exemplary Leadership award recipient

Registration for Semi Forum 4.0 can be made at:


About the Forum

The Silicon Catalyst Semiconductor Industry Forum series was launched in 2018 with the charter to create a platform for broad-topic dialog among all stakeholders involved in the semiconductor industry value chain. The Forum topics focus on technical and financial aspects of the industry, but more importantly the industry’s societal, geo-political and ecological impact on the world.

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December 8, 2021


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