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WEBINAR: Securing Your SoCs: Advanced Techniques for Security Verification

June 16, 2020 @ 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Security concerns permeate our digital lives. From online financial or personal data transactions, to automobile control and even election tampering, protecting access has become a critical necessity for almost all applications. With semiconductor hardware forming the foundation of modern electronic systems, a hack here can be disastrous. Protecting hardware against the myriad of potential vulnerabilities is a complex engineering task. Verifying that it is indeed secure has proved even more challenging.

This webinar will discuss a methodology developed by a leading semiconductor company using Breker’s Portable Stimulus Test Suite Synthesis, equipped with AI Planning Algorithm technology. A semi-formal approach that leverages similar ideas to formal verification but can be applied to large systems using simulation or emulation is used to examine the entire design search space for illegal access opportunities. After discussing some hardware security fundamentals, including verification issues, we will review the use of PSS in this semi-formal manner, before diving in detail into the security verification methodology and providing a worked example to show how this may be applied.

SPEAKERS: Adnan Hamid, the CEO and founder of Breker, is noted as the father of Portable Stimulus. Having worked on this technology for fifteen years, he has collaborated with many verification teams at leading semiconductor companies to perfect and adapt the approach to their actual needs. His time at AMD and Cadence also contributed to his mastery of verification techniques.

Dave Kelf is the CMO at Breker and has worked in verification at many EDA companies include Cadence, Synopsys, Novas (Verdi), and CoDesign (SystemVerilog). While at OneSpin he was actively engaged on examining security applications using formal verification, and worked on security engineering at Plessy and Nortel. This webinar is in partnership with Breker Systems


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