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Prototyping with Intel’s New 80M Gate FPGA and S2C!

January 13, 2020 @ 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

S2C has been delivering FPGA Prototyping Solution for over 15 years to developers around the world. Over the years they have scaled to bigger FPGAs, and multi-FPGA platforms to accommodate larger designs. Now they are stepping up to be a first mover in delivering a new platform based on Intel’s newest FPGA … the Stratix 10 GX 10M.

The GX 10M FPGA is a leap forward in FPGA technology, offering an estimated 80M usable gates, 6,912 18×19 multipliers, 308 Mb of memory, and 2,304 GPIOs. S2C’s platforms will come in Single, Dual and Quad versions … and multiple platforms can be connected for bigger designs. With the 10M Quad version, you can almost get to 1 Billion gates with 3 platforms connected together, where the previous largest Quad platforms would only get you to less than half that complexity.

There’s a performance boost too. The new 14nm GX 10M FPGA may get you to 50MHz prototyping speeds, depending on the interconnect between the two die, and the levels of logic in your design.

The S2C software stack works together with Intel’s Quartus software to manage the prototyping configuration and debug.

And, S2C offers complete plug-and-play solutions with a new MDM debug module, a high-speed PCIe-based high-speed data channel for testing your design, a rich library of Daughter Cards, and an S2C software stack that works together with Intel’s Quartus software to manage the prototyping configuration, download and debug.

If you are struggling with prototyping larges designs, or medium sized designs where you need some “headroom”, then S2C’s new GX 10M FPGA-based prototype platforms would be worth a look.

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January 13, 2020
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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