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Novel Metrics Visualisation for Quick Design Analysis

May 18, 2021


Creating a final design is a sequence of operations from register-transfer-level (RTL) synthesis, through implementation to signoff. Each of these operations is further split into different steps, such as placement, clock tree synthesis, and routing. When run as part of a typical design flow, these steps generate a vast quantity of valuable data, which can help users better understand the design. Cadence provides a flow automation utility that enables a user to quickly capture and execute any desired sequence of operations. In addition, the vivid metrics infrastructure allows design data to be captured as the flow runs, and then visualized using a web browser. Attend this webinar to learn on how to use Cadence’s flow automation utility and vivid metrics to improve productivity.

Date and Time

Tuesday, May 18

10:00 BST / 11:00 CEST / 12:00 EEST and Israel / 14:30 India

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