Live Webinar – Tuesday | April 21st | 2pm ET (11am PDT)

Make Your Infrastructure Work Harder with License-first Scheduling

Computer hardware and software never get tired and never need a lunch break. Ideally you’d like to use them 24/7 – but how can you accomplish that?

Join us on April 21st for an inside look at the license-first scheduling strategy the world’s top technology companies use to increase the amount of high-performance, high-throughput computing jobs that can be executed across a finite resource set.

In this live webinar, Altair director of software development, enterprise computing, Stuart Taylor, will explain license-first scheduling and why treating software, rather than hardware resources, as the most critical item for job dispatch can have a drastic impact on utilization and overall performance. Stuart will cover batch jobs, workloads and workflows, and how to monitor, measure, and optimize them. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the workload management tools and strategies can be deployed to significantly increase the output of both your engineering team and the resources at their disposal.

Webinar topics will include:

  • Strategies for handling license resources
  • Matching for difficult software tools
  • Profiling jobs for resource usage and license fit
  • Jobs with license needs that change on the fly

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