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Learn How Static Code Analysis Can Improve DevOps and DevSecOps Processes

March 31, 2021

What You Need to Know to Accelerate DevOps and DevSecOps Processes

Join our webinar on March 31 to learn how to accelerate DevOps and DevSecOps processes.

Perforce will be hosting a presentation on how to quickly perform static code analysis within continuous integration (CI) processes, and how employing containers (e.g., Docker) can expedite that process as well as mature your shift-left strategy.

During the webinar, DevOps Chief Evangelist Eran Kinsbruner and Senior Sales Engineer Dzuy Tran will discuss:

  • What are the common challenges of static code analysis?
  • What are key requirements of a SAST solution in DevOps?
  • How to integrate SAST with common CI tools (e.g, Jenkins)?
  • In addition, we will also share a demo of how to accelerate DevOps and DevSecOps with Klocwork and Docker.
  • Don’t miss out on learning how to accelerate your DevOps and DevSecOps processes. Register today.
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