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Japan Webinar: AWR Online Seminar 2020

September 17, 2020

Held on Thursday, September 17

AWR ® design environment is to integrate the functions of the circuit design / layout design / EM analysis / communication system design, in areas such as mobile phone / satellite communication systems and radar that require the latest technology of 5G, etc., amplifier, It is used in the design of high frequency components such as filters and multi-technology modules, and in the design of communication systems. Cadence’s high frequency design solutions, including 5G RF, have been significantly enhanced with AWR’s system/circuit/EM analysis technology, and its and the addition of team members. 

At the AWR webinar, we will provide a technical introduction to these AWR products, as well as solutions that work with Cadence products. 

We look forward to the participation of many people, not only existing users of our products, but also customers who are considering new introduction. 

  • Sponsor: Japan Cadence Design Systems, Inc. 
  • Cost: Free
  • Participation method: For 
    registered users, cdsj_info@cadence.com will send access URL information by email by 17:00 on the day before each event. If you do not receive the access URL information the day before, please contact the following. Please refer here for
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  • Registration deadline: Tuesday, September 15


Cadence Japan Field Marketing Department cdsj_info@cadence.com

[Seminar date/time]

September 17th (Thursday) 13:00-13:30

 Introduction to EM analysis of AWR design environment-Features and application examples 

In RF/microwave designs, the performance of EM analysis has a significant impact on the accuracy and efficiency of the overall design. It is essential to link the EM analysis with the circuit model/communication system model, and without this function, the characteristics of the entire circuit/system cannot be evaluated efficiently. In addition, since characteristic tuning and optimization by EM analysis are extremely time-consuming, the ability to execute these efficiently is the key to improving design efficiency.

The AWR design environment, which is a platform for RF/microwave design, realizes a high level of cooperation between EM analysis and circuit/communication model. In addition, functions such as 2D/3D P-cells and variance analysis are implemented to speed up tuning and optimization of EM analysis.

In this seminar, we will introduce the features of AWR EM analysis. In addition, we will introduce how this feature contributes to the design of the entire circuit through the design examples of MMIC, power amplifier, and phased array.

 Two EM solvers are available in the AWR design environment: the moment method AXIEM and the finite element method Analyst. We also plan to implement Clarity ™ in the near future . Designers can use the optimal solver according to the purpose and analysis structure.

Instructor: Naoki Hagiwara, Principal Application Engineer,  System Sales Team 
, Cadence Design Systems, Japan 

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