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In-System Safety and Reliability for Automotive SoCs using Innovative Memory IP

July 1, 2020 @ 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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In the emerging era of large scale SoCs comprised from complex IP, typically designed for AI and automotive applications, designers must embrace an innovative approach to overcome numerous safety and reliability challenges. Therefore, the solution must be scalable, robust and Functional Safety (FuSa) aware, in addition to meeting fast-time to market aspect.

This webinar presents a detailed case study from Mobileye, an Intel company, demonstrating typical automotive SoC requirements and challenges. In addition, the webinar will present an advanced “Shift-left” DFT methodology for automotive SoCs. Mobileye’s innovative approach, and specially tailored solution, allows full decoupling between functional and test design aspects of a complex SoC, which is crucial in today’s automotive and AI SoC development lifecycle.

Attendees will:

  • Safety and reliability requirements for a complex, intelligent automotive SoC
  • See the Synopsys test solutions that are deployed, such as embedded memory test and repair and memory ECC for automotiv
  • Understand the results of using these tools, including the generation of a uniform test approach and test time changes
  • Learn about the portfolio of DesignWare IP solutions that supports FuSa SoC development, such as STAR Memory System embedded memory test and repair


Yehonatan Abotbol is the DFT Lead at Mobileye, an Intel company, based in Israel. Before joining Mobileye, Yehonatan was DFT Lead at Inomize for 3 years. Before Joining Inomize, Yehonatan was a Logic and Low Power Designer at Intel’s Client Connectivity Division (CCD) in Israel for 6 years. Yehonatan earned his BSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Ort Braude College.

Dr. Zorian is a Chief Architect and Fellow at Synopsys, as well as President of Synopsys Armenia. Formerly, he was Vice President and Chief Scientist of Virage Logic, Chief Technologist at LogicVision and a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff AT&T Bell Laboratories. He is currently the President of IEEE TTTC, the founder and chair of the IEEE 1500 Standardization Working Group, and an Adjunct Professor at University of British Columbia. Dr. Zorian holds 40 US patents, has authored 5 books, and published over 400 refereed papers. He received an MS degree in Computer Engineering from University of Southern California, a PhD in Electrical Engineering from McGill University, and an MBA from Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

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