June 25, 2020

11:30 AM (IST)


Designing an optimal product requires the generation and testing of various geometries. The geometry scripting option in Ansys SpaceClaim is a great way to automate repetitive tasks or reduce a complicated workflow to a single mouse click.

The recently introduced geometry scripting environment in SpaceClaim eases common geometry-related tasks. More specifically, it is a simple way to record or write a set of commands that will automate repetitive tasks or make complicated workflows easy. It also extends the user interface to create otherwise impossible geometries by expanding the range of what you can do with geometries. From replaying recorded changes on imported models to parameterizing variables only thought possible in a feature-based system, scripting is a powerful ally in making smart, robust geometry.

Topics include:

  • How to record features and embed the recording into a script
  • Creating named selections and parameters using Python
  • Reading data from an Excel file by script in SpaceClaim
  • How to run SpaceClaim script in batch mode


  • Automate repetitive tasks or make complicated workflows easy
  • Extend the user interface to make otherwise impossible geometry changes
  • Enhance performance through automation of CAD cleanup operations
  • Deploy best practices in geometry handling to your team

Who Should Attend:

  • CAE engineers and managers
  • Design engineers and managers

Ansys SpaceClaim Geometry Scripting

About the Speaker: Sushilkumar Sonar

Sushilkumar has worked as a technology specialist in pre-processing for the last nine years at Ansys, developing his expertise in complex geometry handling for cleanup and mesh generation. He is working with some major customers across India to develop and implement best practices for pre-processing. Over the years, Sushil has gained expertise in complex geometry meshing using tools like Ansys Fluent Meshing. He also has good competence in handling all Ansys pre-processing products, including Ansys SpaceClaim, Ansys Design Modeler, Ansys Meshing, Ansys Fluent Meshing and ICEMCFD. He is working closely with the global product development team as well as clients to add tool enhancements to respective pre-processing products. Sushil holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and has previous experience in water and wastewater-treatment-related CFD analysis.

Sushilkumar Sonar