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Fast Mesh-Free Analysis with Altair SimSolid

March 31, 2022


Live Webinar – March 31, 1:00 pm EDT

Altair SimSolid is a technological breakthrough enabling civil and structural engineers to analyze fully featured CAD assemblies in minutes, eliminating the time-consuming task of CAD geometry simplification and mesh definition. With SimSolid, design teams can perform multiple iterations of their most complex models and explore alternatives at blazing speed. Discover the advantages of adopting SimSolid into your project’s workflow

  • Steel Building Analysis in Record Time
  • You Don’t Have to be an FEA Expert: SimSolid handles any sized structural model, including those having hundreds of components and connections, making it ideal for FEM veterans and novices alike.
  • Fast What-If Analysis to quickly investigate design alternatives or new models from imported CAD.
  • Nonlinearity Made Easy: Large deflections and plastic deformation, connection contacts, weld lines and pre-tensioned bolds are just some of the ways SimSolid provides insights into your structures.
  • Rock Solid Math Under the Hood: SimSolid technology is based on extensions of fundamental concepts of FEA, with accuracy independently validated by NAFEMS: View the article here

This SimSolid-focused webinar is part of a structural engineering-focused series we’ll be offering. Future presentations will explain how the additional solutions can benefit your company’s engineering analysis and design workflows.


Matthew Sauer round
Matthew Sauer
Sr. Application Engineer
Marco DAlessio
Marco D’Alessio
Application Specialist
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