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Concurrent Electro-Thermal Analysis of PowerMOS Devices to Improve Performance and Reliability

April 9, 2020

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PowerMOS devices play a major role in a variety of power converter and control circuits. Some examples of their applications include PMICs or boost and buck converters. Often these are used in mobile and IoT devices to convert battery voltages to circuit operating voltages. Analysis tools are needed to thoroughly model the internal behavior of these complex devices during their operation. Power transistors generate joule heating in their metal interconnect and device junctions. Magwel’s PTM-ET combines these with other heat sources and sinks to determine device thermal behavior during circuit activity. There is an interdependence between electrical behavior and thermal behavior, with each affecting the other. PTM-ET concurrently and dynamically models devices in their packaging using stimulus to provide an accurate picture of circuit operation over time.

This webinar on the topic of concurrent electro-thermal analysis for PowerMOS devices shows how to understand eletro-thermal impacts on device operation. The talk by Allan Laser, Magwel Field Application Engineer, will discuss the challenges of modeling device behavior and predicting the effects of thermal and electrical factors. Magwel’s PTM® tools work off of device layout and foundry supplied intrinsic device models and produce a comprehensive look at PowerMOS devices.

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April 9, 2020
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