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Analog Design, PDK, Cell library, Parasitic – Analysis Webinar

February 6, 2020 @ 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

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Learn how to significantly reduce the time needed to troubleshoot the root cause of issues in Analog & Mixed-Signal designs.  Register Today

What you will learn:

  • VISUALIZE: Takes SPICE netlist & models & generate clean, easy-to-read transistor-level schematics, circuit fragments, and design documentation to speed up circuit design, debug, and optimization at the transistor-level.
  • DESIGN TRACING: Do design exploration with incremental schematic view, quickly extract path between any two points.
  • STANDARD CELL LIBRARY/PDKs SPICE NETLIST TO SCHEMATICS: Convert Std Cell library or PDK spice models to clean, human readable schematics, and then import to Cadence Virtuoso via SKILL interface
  • PARASITIC: Visualize and analyze parasitic networks (Post layout formats: DSPF, and SPEF), click any net in design and see parasitic network. Find the largest capacitance of D-Net in seconds. Reduce & remove parasitics. Export critical paths for simulation in 3rd party tools.
  • CALCULATE PIN-TO-PIN RESISTANCE: Report the pin-to-pin resistance for two pin on the same net without opening a parasitic view.
  • CUSTOM DRCs: Easily develop custom DRCs for help in design. Use DRCs like finding floating gates, wrong bulk connections, capacitor like devices, and more.  Access open API for loaded database
  • HIERARCHY Vs FLAT: Ability to convert a flat netlist into hierarchy and a hierarchical netlist into flat netlist, and render the modified netlist.
  • CIRCUIT PRUNING: Extract, navigate and save critical timing paths/fragments of design as Verilog/Spice/SPEF netlists with the ‘cone/incremental view’, for reuse as IP or external use in partial simulation.
  • MIXED SIGNAL TRACING: Trace nets between analog and digital domain, by reading Verilog RTL files, Spice netlist and parasitic in a single view.
  • DOCUMENTATION: Generate design statistics & reports for design reviews.
  • INTEGRATED ANALOG WAVEFORM VIEWER: Cross probe between schematics and waveforms.

Who should attend:

  • Analog Design and Verification Engineers / Managers
  • Layout Verification Parasitic Extraction Engineers
  • Mixed Signal Design Engineers and Managers
  • CAD Engineer
  • PDK Developers
  • Standard Cell Characterization Engineer

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analog spice + digital + parasitics


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February 6, 2020
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
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