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Accelerate launch vehicle design

June 30, 2022

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Simplifying rocket science with simulation

The small satellite market will grow significantly due to the increased need for communications, earth observation, imaging and agricultural monitoring. As this was previously an underserved market segment, it draws the attention of innovative companies seeing an opportunity to develop more affordable, safer and greener launch systems. These companies share a common need to go through design-build-test iterations at an unparalleled pace.

The ability to evaluate different architectures early in design with simulation and linking that directly with manufacturing is critical, as Reaction Dynamics will testify.

Does your space launcher meet performance targets?

In this webinar on space launch system design, you will learn how to:

  • Use mechanical simulation as part of an additive manufacturing process
  • Estimate nozzle performance efficiently with CFD
  • Benefit from system simulation for trade-off studies

Space launch systems development: Design. Build. Test. Repeat.

Reaction Dynamics has been pursuing innovative research into rocket propulsion for five years as a startup that will offer dedicated launches to orbit for small satellites. The company implemented Simcenter to develop an eco-friendly launch solution and reinvent hybrid rocket engines.

Watch this webinar to find out how Reaction Dynamics managed to mature designs faster and prepare them for manufacturing.

Meet the speakers


Bachar Elzein


Bachar Elzein is the founder of Reaction Dynamics, which stemmed from his research experience at the multiphase and reactive flows lab at École Polytechnique de Montréal, focusing on propulsion and combustion dynamics. As CTO, he provides technical oversight for a team of multidisciplinary engineers through all aspects of the design and development of launch vehicles, emphasizing propulsion through requirements definition and control, technical performance metrics, risk management, and system-level analysis.


Jens de Boer

Simcenter Solution Manager for Aerospace

Jens is a passionate aerospace engineer. In the past 14 years at Siemens, he collaborated with aerospace companies to adopt and streamline their simulation and test processes throughout the development cycle.


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