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5G mm-wave Physical Channel Modeling with EM Physics

October 21, 2021

About this Webinar

As 5G wireless systems rise to occupy the millimeter-wave spectrum, radio propagation through the channel limits network performance. As the RF wavelength shrinks, signal attenuation grows with range more rapidly than at lower frequencies and non-metallic surfaces like buildings, streets and sidewalks become increasingly reflective. As a result, wireless propagation models that worked in dense scattering environments at lower frequencies are no longer effective in predicting coverage. Electromagnetic physics simulation can characterize mm-wave band propagation with fidelity for customized environments such as a city or suburban settings, and can help 5G communications system engineers create more accurate channel models.

Speakers: Shawn Carpenter, Program Director 5G & Space, Ansys & Sangkyo Shin, 5G Technical Lead Scientist, Keysight

What Attendees Will Learn

In this webinar, we will demonstrate:

  • Modeling 28 GHz mm-wave propagation channels by combining high-fidelity mm-wave array models with asymptotic EM analysis to model end-to-end channel coupling with Ansys HFSS and HFSS SBR+.
  • Extraction of mm-wave channel models suitable for communications system analysis that include antenna, installation and environment scattering effect, along with examples of the extracted channel model usage in 5G mm-wave system simulation with Keysight SystemVue.
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